Friday, 4 December 2009

Travelling on a bus

I travel on a bus to and from work every day. What is it about being on a bus that turns even the most normal, kind, sensible people into selfish, idiotic robots??!!

Those people that still pay in cash (even in this day of half price travel cards), is it too much to ask that you count out your pennies before you get on the bus instead of spending ages fiddling around holding everyone else up??

People that insist on sitting on the outside of a double seat, thus blocking off the inside seat at the same time…..why??? Why do you do that, what are you gaining apart from making yourself look stupid and selfish?

To the shoppers who put their bags on the empty seat next to them, your bags haven’t paid for a seat, so put them on the floor.

Pushchair toting mothers (I have no problems with pushchairs on buses, I think it’s great that there is space for them these days) it isn’t the drivers fault if the pushchair spaces are already taken. The driver has every right to stop you boarding unless you fold up the pushchair.

To the people who insist on playing their music at top volume or indeed on loudspeaker, turn it down! We didn’t get on the bus to have to listen to the wailings of Beyonce or N Dubz, if we wanted that we’d go to a nightclub.

I think that about covers it! Anyone else care to add to the list?!

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