Thursday, 8 April 2010

Vimanmek Palace

This place is often overlooked, it’s not considered one of Bangkok’s premier attractions and generally isn’t on the itinerary of people who only spend a few days in Bangkok.

Entrance to the Palace and its grounds is free if you have a ticket to the Grand Palace (as most visitors to Bangkok do!). It is the largest teak building in the world, looks fabulous from the outside and compared to other sights it is relatively quiet. On my visit there was a couple of coach loads of Japanese tourists snapping away, but certainly nothing compared to the crowds one can get at the Grand Palace.

The Palace now is a museum, the usual set up where certain rooms are out of bounds, roped off etc. There are many interesting Thai artefacts and photos of various world leaders and royalty who have visited. This makes for a very interesting detour on your route around the city and can be combined with a visit to the adjacent Dusit Zoo.

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