Saturday, 30 October 2010

Baiyoke Tower views

This is Bangkok (and Thailand’s) tallest building and so is probably the best place to get panoramic views of the city.
I visited here on my first trip to Bangkok and so didn’t really know where I was going. Although fairly centrally located, the Tower isn’t close by to a Skytrain or Underground station, so really it’s a taxi unless you fancy a walk. I decided to take a skytrain to the nearest station (Phaya Thai) and walk. How lost did I get?!
After spending 30 minutes walking along Si Ayuthaya Road and not knowing where to turn to get to the Tower, I saw a small alleyway leading into a market. I thought I’d just stop here for a bite to eat anyway, then as I came towards the other end of the market I saw the railway lines and I knew then I was going in the right general direction. I then stumbled into some narrow alleyways crammed full of more shops and somehow when I came out the other end, there was the entrance to the Baiyoke Tower. Don’t ask me how I found it, if you want my advice take a taxi! Unless you enjoy these little adventures that can often be had by getting lost.
When I visited there was the often of just paying to go up to the viewing deck or you could have an international buffet as well. As I was famished I opted for the buffet, slightly overpriced by Bangkok standards and ordinary food, but I would have eaten anything at that point! Then you take a further lift from the restaurant to the viewing deck and are rewarded with fabulous views across the city. As with anywhere, this depends upon weather and pollution conditions on the day. The deck revolves so you can get a good perspective of just how vast Bangkok is.
If you have the time this is a worthwhile stop off and is a nice alternative to visiting temples, which are great but can get a little “samey” after a while.

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