Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wat Traimit

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Following on from my visit to the Baiyoke Tower (see previous post) I took the skytrain and then underground to the end of the line at Hualamphong station. Just a five minute walk down the road is the fabulous Wat Traimit, located at one end of Chinatown.

This is one of Bangkok's premiere temples and as such there is an entrance fee and the associated crowds. However it's nothing like as busy as the likes of Wat Pho so it is possible to get some good, clear photos.

Wat Traimit is famous for housing the largest solid gold Buddha in the world. When this temple was being built, the Buddha was covered in a concrete casing and nobody realised what lay inside, until the crane that was lifting it dropped it. The casing cracked and the gold Buddha was revealed. It is truly spectacular and very shiny! The Buddha is on the top level, the middle level contains a moderately interesting museum detailing the history of Chinatown and the first floor a video screening about the history of the temple and surrounding area.


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