Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Ancient City – Muang Boran

Although technically not in Bangkok, it is mainly accessed by tourists taking a day trip from Bangkok. The Ancient City is well worth a day out of your hectic schedule if you can afford the time.

It is basically a collection of scaled down replica buildings, showcasing the very best of Thai architecture through the ages. It is all set in peaceful, well kept grounds in the shape of Thailand. I have been there twice, because it is so big I didn’t manage to see it all on the first trip.

There are such famous buildings as the Grand Palace, the White Temple of Chiang Mai, Preah Vihear, Sukothai era ruins and much more. It was so hot on both of my visits, that I wouldn’t recommend walking around, I was lucky to be able to be driven around the grounds.

It also isn’t that easy to get to by bus, so arrange a tour where you can. Here are a few photos from my visits, there are many more on my website,

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